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I don't reccomand having more then 100 planets at once.

First attempt at making a procedural generation game for ProcJam, first time making a game using Unity.

I dont even think this is procedural generation (unless randomly generating stuff counts).

All I did was used Unity's Random function to generate different speed and sizes and assigned them to the planet prefab I made. The distance was the hardest thing to implement because if it was randomly generated the planets would over lap and explode (not really). So I came up with a function that gives me the minmum distance the planets can have from each other proportionate to their size. I used really advanced math by plotting the graph and drawing a straight line connecting them(turned out to be linear).

My brother helped me a lot on the graphical stuff, almost all of the sprites and backgrounds he drew them on paint.net. He also helped me code some functions here and there.

Have fun.

To Do:

  • seeds
  • Planet colors
  • Toogle the menu using esc key
  • Main menu
  • Planet texture :o

My email: j850729@hotmail.com

By me and my brother

Version 0.0.2